Global health ethics

Ethical issues associated with vector borne diseases

Report of a WHO scoping meeting Geneva, 23–24 February 2017


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Number of pages: 41
Publication date: 2017
Languages: English
WHO reference number: WHO HTM NTD VEM 2017



On 23–24 February 2017, WHO held a scoping meeting to identify the ethical issues associated with VBDs. At the meeting, over 25 international and WHO experts discussed salient ethical issues and the main features of a future guidance document. They mapped the ethical issues associated with VBDs, highlighting in particular: environmental and social determinants of health, the ethics of vector control (including new technologies), relevant aspects of ethics in surveillance and research, and the ethics of mass public health interventions.

These main topics will form the basis of a project to identify and analyse ethical issues associated with VBDs more comprehensively, with the eventual aim of providing relevant WHO guidelines within the next two years.