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EVIPNet in action: 10 years, 10 stories

This report marks 10 years of painstaking and determined effort by EVIPNet in Africa, the Americas, Asia, the Eastern Mediterranean and now in eastern Europe , and describes 10 examples of the significant impact EVIPNet has had on local or national health policy. The wealth of achievement and learning generated by EVIPNet’s activities to date is being drawn on by policy-makers, researchers and civil society groups worldwide.

Factsheets and brochures


  • SURE Guides for Preparing and Using Evidence
    These guides are intended for those responsible for preparing and supporting the use of policy briefs and ensuring that decisions about health systems are well-informed by research evidence. Examples used are taken from policy briefs and address important problems in African countries.
  • SURE guides
    zip, 74.39Mb

    After you download and unzip the Guides, they can be opened in your browser by double clicking on this file: SURE Guides.html. If you are unable to view the SURE Guides in your browser, try opening them with Internet Explorer or another browser.
  • Health Systems Evidence Database
    Health Systems Evidence is a continuously updated repository of syntheses of research evidence about governance, financial and delivery arrangements within health systems, and about implementation strategies that can support change in health systems.
  • SUPPORT Tool
    Developed by the SUPporting POlicy relevant Reviews and Trials (SUPPORT), this tool provides questions to help decision-makers implement evidence-based policy in practice. English, Spanish, French and Portuguese versions of the tools available here



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