Evidence-informed policy-making

Policy briefs

Evidence-based policy briefs

Evidence-based policy briefs (or “evidence briefs for policy) bring together global research evidence (from systematic reviews) and local evidence to inform deliberations (policy dialogues) about health policies and programmes. These policy briefs begin with a description of a policy problem, then summarise the best available evidence to clarify the size and nature of the problem, describe the likely impacts of key options for addressing the problem, and inform considerations about potential barriers to implementing the options and strategies for addressing these barriers.

Completed policy briefs

Uganda Improving patient safety for better quality of care 2014

Ethiopia Improving Health Care Financing 2014

Ethiopia Improving skilled birth attendance 2014

Ethiopia Improving Effectiveness of Health Extension Program 2014

Uganda A national framework for sustainability of health knowledge translation initiatives 2014

Uganda Advancing the Integration of Palliative Care in the National Health System 2013

Zambia Reducing deaths due to postpoartum haemorrhage in homebirths 2013

Cameroon Quality of care in emergency rooms policy brief 2013

Cameroon Financial accessibility of emergency rooms policy brief 2013

Cameroon Increasing antenatal care coverage policy brief 2012

Cameroon Health insurance coverage policy brief 2012

Cameroon Retaining Human Resources for Health in Remote Rural Areas policy brief 2012

Mozambique The retention of health workers in rural and remote areas policy brief 2012

Réduction de la mortalité infanto-juvenile par une meilleure prise en charge de la malnutrition et du VIH/sida chez l’enfant en République Centrafricaine policy brief 2012 (French version)

Burkina Faso Stratégies de viabilisation de l'assurance maladie universelle 2012 (French version)

Improving access to skilled attendance at delivery policy brief 2012 - Uganda

Ethiopia Prevention of Postpartum Hemorrhage in Rural Ethiopia policy brief 2012

Task shifting to optimise the roles of health workers to improve the delivery of maternal and child healthcare policy brief 2011 - Uganda

Strengthening the health system for mental health policy brief 2011 - Zambia

Mise en œuvre de stratégies porteuses pour la réduction de la mortalité maternelle au Burkina Faso policy brief 2011 (French version)

Strategies de reduction de la mortalite maternelle en Republique Centraficaine policy brief 2011 (French version)

Burkina Faso Stratégies d'amélioration des allocations budgétaires pour la santé 2011 (French version)

Cameroon Améliorer la gouvernance pour la viabilisation du district de santé policy brief 2011 (French version)

Ethiopia Human Resource Capacity to Effectively Implement Malaria Elimination in Ethiopia

Policy briefs in progress

  • Smoking – Burkina Faso
  • Emergency room access - Cameroon
  • Emergency room access - Central African Republic
  • Insecticide resistance - Ethiopia
  • Quality of health services - Mozambique
  • Patient safety - Uganda
  • Implementation of health worker retention strategies in Zambia