Global Strategy to Accelerate Tobacco Control: Advancing Sustainable Development through the Implementation of the WHO FCTC 2019–2025

Young children play outside after school day ends in rural Nepal. Photo:Aisha Faquir / World Bank


At its seventh session, the Conference of the Parties (COP) agreed on the need for a longer-term plan to accelerate action on WHO FCTC implementation. Through decision [FCTC/COP7(13)] the COP established a working group to develop a “medium-term strategic framework” to guide the implementation of the Convention by its Parties, as well as the development of biennial workplans and budgets of the Convention Secretariat and of any implementation support activities.

The “Working Group to Strengthen the Implementation of the Convention through Coordination and Cooperation” was set up to carry out this work. After two meetings and several rounds of consultations with the Parties, the Working Group submitted a report, with a draft strategy attached to it, to the eighth session of the Conference of the Parties.


Implementation Review Mechanism