First session of the Conference of the Parties to the WHO FCTC

The first session of the Conference of the Parties (COP1) to the WHO FCTC was held in Geneva from 6 to 17 February 2006. By the end of the session, the Convention had entered into force in 113 Parties. 50 States non-Party, 10 international intergovernmental organizations and 17 nongovernmental organizations attended COP1 as observers without the right to vote. During this session, the Rules of Procedure of the COP and the decision to follow the WHO Financial Rules were adopted by consensus.

A number of other substantive decisions were made by the Conference, such as to establish the reporting system under the Convention, to initiate the development of possible protocols on cross-border advertising, promotion and sponsorship and on illicit trade in tobacco products and to initiate the elaboration of guidelines on Articles 8 (protection from exposure to tobacco smoke) and 9 (regulation of the contents of tobacco products) of the Convention.

The COP also decided that a permanent secretariat, the Convention Secretariat, shall be established within the WHO and located in Geneva.