South-South and triangular cooperation

South-south and triangular cooperation are essential elements of international cooperation for development.

South-south and triangular cooperation is an overarching tool to support Parties in the implementation of the Convention. Measures required for implementation of the WHO FCTC are opportunities to demonstrate the shift from traditional development and cooperation concepts. The challenges faced by Parties with the implementation of the Convention are very similar, which makes this a promising topic for south-south and triangular cooperation, since identification of best practice and peer support become more relevant than traditional aid practices. The Convention Secretariat has made the promotion of south-south and triangular cooperation one of the key pillars.

South- South and triangular cooperation has become increasingly important since the first session of the Conference of the Parties. Since then, the COP has requested the Convention Secretariat to continue working on the promotion of south-south cooperation in the exchange of scientific, technical and legal expertise relevant to the implementation of the Convention. This mandate has been undertaken in a variety of ways.