Implementation and Assistance

The spread of the tobacco epidemic is a global problem with serious consequences for public health that calls for the widest possible international cooperation to deliver an effective, appropriate and comprehensive international response.

Action is therefore needed to assist developing country Parties and Parties with economies in transition in the implementation of effective tobacco-control measures at country level, as required by the WHO FCTC.

The Convention Secretariat promotes multisectoral, comprehensive tobacco-control policies at country level and close coordination with international and intergovernmental organizations (in line with Articles 22–26 of the Convention).

In accordance with the decisions of the Conference of the Parties, mechanisms of assistance to Parties (mostly developing country Parties and Parties with economies in transition), include: needs assessments and sharing of best practices; support to the development of projects and programmes that address identified needs; advice on and promotion of access to available resources; awareness raising and communication; promotion of the transfer of technical, scientific and legal expertise and technology; compilation and communication of information on treaty matters; promotion of South-South and triangular cooperation; and coordination with international organizations.

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