Needs assessments

The Conference of the Parties called upon developing country Parties and Parties with economies in transition to conduct needs assessments in the light of their obligations under the Convention. The Convention Secretariat was requested to assist Parties in doing so, upon their request, to advise them on existing mechanisms of funding and technical assistance, and to provide information to development partners that maybe interested in providing assistance to the Party on the needs identified.

In line with the decision of the COP, needs assessments are carried out jointly with the national government concerned. Each exercise has three phases: the pre-needs assessment phase, in which the Secretariat studies relevant documents and Party reports, and prepares a detailed program; the needs assessment mission, during which an international team interacts with the health ministry and various national stakeholders, the WHO country office and the United Nations resident coordinator; and the post-mission and follow-up phase, in which the Secretariat finalizes the needs assessment report in cooperation with national stakeholders and works with the government and international partners to implement the jointly agreed recommendations.

Parties wishing to request the Convention Secretariat’s assistance in conducting a joint needs assessment can send an official request from the Minister of Health or equivalent to the Head of the Convention Secretariat to; fax: +41 22 791 5830).

Post-needs assessment assistance

Parties that have conducted joint needs assessments are provided with post-needs assessment assistance. Such assistance is made possible by the grant provided to the Secretariat by the European Commission. Assistance is provided to the countries for technical work in areas where needs have been identified, such as tobacco taxation, surveillance, pictorial health warnings, and for the development of national tobacco control action plans and communication strategies.

Needs assessment missions by regions

Needs assessment missions

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These Needs Assessment Missions have been conducted with the assistance of: