Articles 17 and 18 of the WHO FCTC

Jamaica, Philippines and Uruguay conducted a study visit to Santa Catarina, Brazil, to learn from the Brazilian experience in alternatives to tobacco farming in March 2016

The WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (WHO FCTC) recognizes the need to promote economically viable alternatives to tobacco production as a way to prevent possible adverse social and economic impacts on populations whose livelihoods depend on tobacco production. Moreover, Parties agreed to have due regard to the protection of the environment and the health of persons in respect of tobacco cultivation and manufacture.

Articles 17 regards the provision of support for economically viable alternative activities and article 18 the protection of the environment in respect of tobacco cultivation and manufacture and the health of persons.

Zimbabwe Alternative crops from Makoni and Hurunge districts

Survey findings alternative crops in Zimbabwe
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Philippines Baseline health profiling among tobacco farmers in Ilocos, Philippines

Report of the project
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