Meeting on Good Governance concludes in Bangkok

Bangkok, Thailand
6 November 2017


More than 50 participants from 17 countries, including 16 Parties to the Convention, out of which 10 were FCTC2030 Parties, met in Bangkok, Thailand to discuss matters related to implementation of Article 5 of the Convention. The meeting's special focus was on good governance in tobacco control that necessarily includes implementation of Article 5.3.

The meeting was organized by the Global Centre for Good Governance in Tobacco Control, the Convention Secretariat and the South-East Asia Tobacco Control Alliance (an observer to the Conference of the Parties), in collaboration with the WHO Western Pacific Regional Office.

The participants witnessed the launching of the newest FCTC Knowledge Hub that will focus its work on Article 5.3 of the Convention. The Knowledge Hub was established as a collaborative effort of the Convention Secretariat and the Global Centre for Good Governance in Tobacco Control, hosted by the Thammasat University in Bangkok.

Participants shared their experiences and exchanged ideas about approaches to strengthening implementation of Article 5.3 of the Convention. The meeting concluded with the following next steps being identified:

  • Article 5.3 of the Convention is a cornerstone for good governance and should be made part of national tobacco control legislations
  • Article 5.3 is an obligation for all Parties and the guidelines for implementation of this article supports the Parties to comply with that obligation
  • Policy coherence among all government departments is necessary to make progress in implementation of the Convention
  • Systematic tobacco industry monitoring is integral part of Article 5.3 implementation and could assist with the planning of next steps
  • Article 5.3 should be operationalised at all levels of the government (national, regional and local) and implemented by all branches of the government (executive, legislative and judiciary)
  • There is need to identify, engage and support those government sectors that could be more vulnerable to tobacco industry interference
  • Given the new evidence that has emerged on the increasing tobacco industry interference with the Conference of the Parties (COP) it should be ensured that all relevant sections of the Article 5.3 guidelines are applied to Parties’ preparation and participation at COP sessions
  • Efforts should be made to link implementation of Article 5.3 with existing transparency and anti-corruption regulations and codes of conducts
  • Codes of conducts should be developed, strengthened and applied to all government sectors
  • Prioritising health should be a key objective in the deliberations at COP meetings.

It has been agreed that the Convention Secretariat and its partners, including the WHO, UNDP and SEATCA, as well as the knowledge hub and its partners will work collaboratively to provide assistance to Parties in their implementation of Article 5.3 of the Convention within the frame of FCTC2030 project and beyond.