Needs Assessment mission in Chad: a leader in pictorial health warnings

N'Djamena, Chad
26 October 2017

WHO FCTC Secretariat

The Government of Chad, through its Ministry of Public Health, invited the Secretariat of the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (WHO FCTC) to jointly conduct a needs assessment in order to identify current and future challenges and requirements to the implementation of the WHO FCTC.

Chad has already made very good progress as for example with regards to Article 11 by implementing strong, state of the art pictorial health warnings on cigarette packs on 70% of both main sides. Proven to be an effective measure to reduce attractiveness of tobacco products, the Guidelines for Implementation of Article 11 recommends such measures and other Parties to the WHO FCTC are encouraged to follow Chad’s example.

The mission was also the opportunity for Chad to launch the FCTC 2030 Project for which it was selected. The project aims at supporting low- and middle income Parties to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals by implementing the WHO FCTC. It focuses on strategic planning, coordination mechanisms and actions across sectors.

In 2010, Chad adopted a tobacco control law, proving its willingness to curb the tobacco epidemic. The Convention Secretariat is supporting the country to review and advance the implementation of the law.