Egypt: Deana

Child injuries: the stories behind the statistics
December 2008

My daughter Deana was 17 years old when her life was cut short. She and four friends were going to a birthday party. They had just got out of the taxi and were crossing a road with heavy traffic, where there were no traffic lights or crosswalks. She was hit and killed by a speeding bus.

Deana loved so many things, she loved life. She always had more time for other people than for herself. For us, she has become the ‘Angel of the Nile’.

In Deana's memory, we started a nongovernmental organization, the Safe Road Society. It is dedicated to making roads in Egypt safer for its citizens. Our first project is building a pedestrian tunnel under the Maadi Corniche El Nile where Deana died. This busy road of death runs alongside the serenity of the Nile river. Many concerned and dedicated Egyptians and foreigners have joined hands together to make the tunnel a reality. Government permits have been obtained and request for construction bids sent.

Our next step is to ensure sufficient funds are raised through voluntary donations to complete this life-saving project. Also, a scholarship has been started in Deana’s name at her school and every year a graduating senior who smiles and brings light to another student’s day is awarded a scholarship for further studies.

By building a pedestrian tunnel we hope to save lives. And, in my dreams I hope to see my Deana, my Angel of the Nile, looking down upon us and smiling in approval.

Told by David Blanchard, father of Deana

Deana at the age of 17 years.
D. Blanchard
Deana at the age of 17 years.