Ebola: Then and Now – Bruce Aylward

Special Representative of the Director-General for the Ebola Response

THEN: One year ago, the situation with Ebola was completely different. The UN Security Council had taken the extraordinary step to launch the United Nations Emergency Mission for Ebola. There were hundreds of cases of Ebola every single week. And the world was terrified, quite frankly, as to whether or not what was an exponential growth in the number of cases could actually be reversed.

NOW: The most extraordinary thing that has happened is that by the 1st of December last year the curve was starting to bend because 70% of cases were being isolated, 70% of people who died from Ebola were being safely buried. Three big things made the difference: extraordinary leadership, rapid adaptation, and constant innovation. That's the key to operating at this scale, with this terrifying pathogen.

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