WHO improves transparency of financial data

May 2017

WHO is improving transparency and accountability with the launch of a redesigned Programme Budget Web Portal that makes budget and spending information easier to access, use and understand.

Screenshot from Programme Financing Web Portal

The redesigned portal provides timely and detailed budget, financing and expenditure data on WHO activities and how they are funded in countries, regions and internationally. This new tool fulfils WHO’s commitment to the International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI) – an initiative that seeks to improve transparency of humanitarian and development aid.

"Providing information that supports effective decision-making, public accountability and real change for citizens is our ultimate goal," says Imre Hollo, Director, Planning Resource Coordination and Monitoring.

"Continuous improvement in transparency is what our donors expect and IATI is a driving force behind this," adds Hollo. "In the end, it’s better to be open about how much money has been spent, what has worked, and what hasn’t."

The portal redesign project was driven by the need for better accessibility to WHO’s financial data for people who work with WHO in national governments and partner organizations.

The other aim was to fulfil the IATI requirements to publish data of WHO spending in countries. In addition to the detail provided in the portal, WHO has committed to publish more information, including Country Collaboration Strategies, from the country offices.

The new portal also provides a better user experience, more visuals and full mobile-responsive design for smartphone and tablets. Many of the previous portal capabilities have been maintained in this redesign, such as the financial flows, key documents and contributions by donors. The result is that data is approachable, useful and allows users to easily identify gaps.

WHO has a long-standing commitment to maintain the highest level of efficiency and effectiveness. Since 2013, WHO has published information on budgets and expenditures (including by donor at the country level), results, key stories and documents.