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Fascioliasis Partnership

WHO and Novartis Pharma AG have negotiated an agreement whereby Novartis donates triclabendazole for the treatment of fascioliasis in endemic countries. The medicine is shipped free of charge to countries upon application from ministries of health. Small quantities can also be made available to other institutions in endemic countries for compassionate clinical use. WHO is responsible for collecting applications in all cases A number of countries, including Bolivia (Plurinational State of), Georgia, Madagascar Peru, Viet Nam, Yemen, are receiving donated triclabendazole through this agreement.

How to apply for donated triclabendazole

  • Make a rough estimate of how many people you aim to treat in a year. If you do not have data on the epidemiology and distribution of fascioliasis in your country, you can make a reasonable estimate by contacting the major hospitals and asking them how many cases they see per year.
  • Calculate how many tablets you need in a year, based on the ratio: one 250mg for 25kg of body weight (e.g. three tablets for a man weighing 75kg).
  • Download the application form Annual Government request for triclabendazole [pdf 30kb]
  • Fill out the form, sign it and submit it to the WHO country office with a covering letter, fax it to + 41 22 791 47 77, or e-mail it to:
  • If you already applied for donated triclabendazole in previous years, you should also download, fill out and send the Annual Report form[pdf 27kb]

If you need more information on the application please visit the NTD web site on Fascioliasis or send an e-mail to:

Triclabendazole for paragonimiasis

Since 2010 triclabendazole is also donated for treating human paragonimiasis. If you need drugs to treat individuals infected with paragonimus spp. Please follow the same application process as above.

The recommended treatment regimen for paragonimiasis is triclabendazole, 20 mg/kg of body weight, in two divided doses of 10 mg/kg of body weight, to be administered on the same day.

In communities and villages where cases of paragonimiasis appear to be significantly clustered, universal treatment (MDA) should also be considered. In this case, the recommended treatment regimen would be triclabendazole, 20 mg/kg of body weight in a single administration.