Foodborne trematode infections

WHO estimates of the global burden of foodborne diseases

WHO/Foodborne disease burden epidemiology reference group 2007–2015

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Editors: WHO/Department of Food Safety and Zoonoses
Number of pages: xi, 255 p.
Publication date: August 2015
Languages: English
ISBN: 978 92 4 156516 5
WHO reference number:



This report presents the first global and regional estimates of the burden of foodborne diseases. The large disease burden from food highlights the importance of food safety, particularly in Africa, South-East Asia and other regions. Despite the data gaps and limitations of these initial estimates, it is apparent that the global burden of foodborne diseases is considerable, and affects individuals of all ages, particularly children < 5 years of age and persons living in low-income regions of the world. By incorporating these estimates into policy development at both national and international levels, all stakeholders can contribute to improvements in safety throughout the food chain. These results will also help to direct future research activities.

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