Food safety

Chemical risks

Chemicals can end up in food either intentionally added for a technological purpose (e.g. food additives), or through environmental pollution of the air, water and soil. Chemicals in food are a worldwide health concern and are a leading cause of trade obstacles.

WHO develops scientific risk assessments to define safe exposure levels which form the basis for the development of national and international food safety standards to protect the health of the consumers and ensure fair trade practices.

Reduce Chemicals in Foods

This video explains to food safety professionals the benefits for countries to implement Total Diet Studies, a tool supported by the World Health Organization, to reduce chemicals in food.

FAO/WHO Expert Consultations on chemical mixtures (16-18 April 2019)

According to the EUROMIX proposal, FAO and WHO organized an expert Consultation to take place in WHO HQ - Geneva on 15 to 18 April 2019. The goal of the meeting is to verify that the new strategy and tools developed by EUROMIX are accessible for developing countries and emerging economies and cannot be seen as undue barriers to food trade.