GARD Symposium for Eastern European countries

23 - 24 March 2007

Planning on GARD development in Eastern European countries

During the last session, after a brief introduction by Ronald Dahl, GARD Vice-Chairman, participants agreed on the following issues:

  • To commit to the development of GARD as the appropriate approach to strengthen the capacity of their countries to face the increasing impact of chronic respiratory diseases.
  • To be GARD initiators and to explore the possibility to establish an alliance at country level in their country, following the recommended steps.
  • To meet annually in a regional meeting organized on a rotating basis by one of the countries involved. This meeting would be an occasion to exchange relevant information, and to report on the progress of the work of the alliances at country level. Roszkowski-Śliż, GARD Poland Coordinator, proposed that next GARD Symposium for Eastern European countries would be organized by Poland in Warsaw in March 2008. In this occasion, the Minister of Health would be invited together with the Ministers of Health of other countries involved. A press conference would be held at the same time.
  • The national respiratory associations that attended the Symposium expressed their interest in becoming GARD collaborating parties as participants.

At the end of the session GARD Poland Council was established by consensus of all the participants present.