GARD Symposium for Eastern European countries

23 - 24 March 2007

Recommendations - actions to be taken

The following recommendations and actions were made:

  • Kazimierz Roszkowski-Śliż, National Institute of Tuberculosis and Lung Diseases, was nominated by the Minister of Health to be GARD Poland Coordinator.
  • GARD Poland Council was established and it is ready to work. The first task of this Council would be to collect the numerous data on epidemiology, burden and surveillance that are available in the country.
  • It is proposed that the national program of early detection and prevention of COPD be used as GARD demonstration project, and an outline of the project be posted on GARD website. This program will be presented during GARD General Meeting, 1-2 June 2007, Seoul, Republic of Korea.
  • It is recommended that national professional organizations apply to become collaborating parties of the Global Alliance as participants.
  • It is recommended that alliances against chronic respiratory diseases at country level (GARD Country) be initiated by the representatives of the countries that participated in the Symposium.
  • It is recommended that an annual meeting be organized on a rotating basis by one of the countries involved, in order to exchange information and report on progress of the work of the alliances at country level.
  • It is agreed that Prof Roszkowski-Śliż, GARD Poland Coordinator, organize the next meeting on GARD in Eastern European countries in Warsaw in March 2008. The Ministers of Health of the countries involved will be invited.
  • It is proposed that WHO travel report be circulated to the WHO Representatives of the countries represented in the Symposium and to the Adviser for Noncommunicable Diseases of WHO Regional Office for Europe.