Human Genomics in Global Health

Expert meeting co-sponsored by WHO on Genomics and Genetic Disorders

8-11 April 2019, University of Pretoria, South Africa

Expert meeting

Genomics is a rapidly progressing area in health care. Numerous researchers are involved in generating scientific evidence and new technologies are being developed with the aim of improving both disease prevention and treatment. This cutting edge knowledge and progress made by genomic scientists over the past few years should benefit not only high-income countries but all populations in need.

WHO has published key documents on genetic diseases and genomics and the World Health Assembly has adopted four important resolutions:

  • Genomics and World Health (2004)
  • Sickle-cell anaemia (2006)
  • Thalassemia and other haemoglobinopathies (2006)
  • Birth defects (2010)

In this meeting, the experts will:

  • share on-going work in the different regions;
  • set priorities in particular of LMICs;
  • provide input that may inform the development of a WHO roadmap on genetics and genomics;
  • review a draft of a basic on-line course on genetics and genomics.

The participants in this meeting will include representatives of WHO collaborating centres on genetics and international experts from different regions, who have been working with the Department of Service Delivery and Safety, with a broad mix of scientific expertise and practical experience in human genomics, genetics, ethics, and public health.

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