Global Health Observatory (GHO) data

About the GHO


Welcome to the Global Health Observatory (GHO) – WHO's gateway to health-related statistics for its 194 Member States. The aim of the GHO portal is to provide easy access to:

  • country data and statistics with a focus on comparable estimates;
  • WHO’s analyses to monitor global, regional and country situation and trends.

GHO theme pages cover global health priorities such as the health-related Millennium Development Goals, mortality and burden of disease, health systems, environmental health, noncommunicable diseases, infectious diseases, health equity and violence and injuries. The theme pages present:

  • highlights showing the global situation and trends, using regularly updated core indicators;
  • data views customized for each theme, including country profiles and a map gallery;
  • publications relevant to the theme;
  • links to relevant web pages within WHO and elsewhere.

The GHO database provides access to an interactive repository of health statistics. Users are able to display data for selected indicators, health topics, countries and regions, and download the customized tables in Excel format.

The GHO country data includes all country statistics and health profiles that are available within WHO.

The GHO issues analytical reports on priority health issues, including the World Health Statistics annual publication, which compiles statistics for key health indicators. Analytical reports will address cross‐cutting topics such as women and health.


If you have any questions or suggestions on using the GHO, please contact us at