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Child malnutrition

Child malnutrition estimates for the indicators stunting, wasting, overweight and underweight describe the magnitude and patterns of under- and overnutrition. UNICEF-WHO-WB Joint Child Malnutrition Estimates inter-agency group updates regularly the global and regional estimates in prevalence and numbers for each indicator.

In 2018, globally there were 149 million children under 5 year of age were stunted, 49 million wasted and 40 million overweight.

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22%of all children under 5 years were stunted in 2018

Interactive map on child stunting in children under five years


17 millionchildren under five years were affected by wasting in its severe form in 2018

Interactive map on child wasting in children under five years


45%increase of the number of overweight children under 5 in Africa, 33% in Asia, since 2000

Joint child malnutrition estimates - Levels and trends (2019 edition)