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Inequality in reproductive, maternal, newborn and child health (RMNCH) interventions, combined:
A composite coverage index of RMNCH interventions captures both the provision and use of key RMNCH interventions. In more than two fifth of study countries, there was at least a 20 percentage point gap in composite coverage index between the richest and poorest quintiles.

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Child malnutrition

35% vs. 16%represents stunting prevalence in children under five from the poorest vs. richest quintiles in 85 countries

Child malnutrition indicators: latest situation and change over time

Child mortality

79 vs 60are under-five mortality rates in rural vs. urban areas of 54 countries

Child mortality indicators: latest situation and change over time

RMNCH interventions

37% vs. 53%shows demand for family planning satisfied for women with no education vs. secondary or higher education in 54 countries

RMNCH interventions: latest situation and change over time