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Mental health

Age-standardized suicide rates: There were close to 800 000 suicide deaths worldwide in 2016. This indicates an annual global age-standardized suicide rate of 10.5 per 100 000 population. The major differences between high-income countries and low- and middle-income countries (LMICs) are that young adults and elderly women in LMICs have much higher suicide rates than their counterparts in high-income countries, while middle-aged men in high-income countries have much higher suicide rates than middle-aged men in LMICs.

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800 000persons approximately die from suicide globally each year (one death every 40 seconds)

Suicide prevention


2.8%was the median amount of the health budget allocated to mental health in 2011

Mental Health Atlas 2014

Human resources

60 countrieshad less than 1 psychiatrist
per 100 000 population in 2014

Rate of psychiatrists and nurses
  • Governance
    Existence of mental health policy/plan and legislation
  • Suicide
    (per 100 000 population)


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