Global Health Observatory (GHO) data

Adult mortality rate, 2000–2016

Probability of dying between 15 and 60 years of age

Situation and trends

Adult mortality rate represents the probability that a 15 year old person will die before reaching his/her 60th birthday, if subject to age-specific mortality rates between those ages for the specified year.

Globally, adult mortality rate was 142 per 1000 population in 2016. Adult mortality rate in the WHO African Region remains very high in 2016, even when comparing to the rates in any other WHO regions in 2000. Adult mortality is highest in low-income countries, and lowest in high-income countries.

In all regions and virtually all countries, adult mortality rate for males are higher than for females. The ratio is highest in the WHO European Region, where male adult mortality rate is more than twice that of female.

Disease burden from non-communicable diseases among adults - the most economically productive age span – is rapidly increasing in developing countries due to ageing and health transitions. Therefore, the level of adult mortality is becoming an important indicator for the comprehensive assessment of the mortality pattern in a population.