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Road safety

The road traffic death rate by WHO region and income level: In 2013, low- and middle-income countries had higher road traffic fatality rates per 100 000 population (24.1 and 18.4, respectively) compared to high-income countries (9.2). The African region had the highest road traffic fatality rate, at 26.6, while the European region had the lowest rate, at 9.3.

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Road traffic deaths

1.35 millionpeople die each year on the world's roads

Number of road traffic deaths

Vulnerable road users

54%of those dying on the world’s roads are vulnerable road users

Distribution of road traffic deaths by type of road user


22 countrieshave amended their laws to bring them into line with best practice on one or more key risk factors for road traffic injuries between over the past 3 years

Existence of child restraint legislation
  • Legislation
    Interventions to reduce road traffic injuries



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