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Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs)

Syphilis in pregnancy: Syphilis in pregnancy:In 2017, 1% or more of antenatal care attendees in 37 of 83 reporting countries were diagnosed with syphilis. Syphilis in pregnancy is the second leading cause of stillbirth globally and also results in, prematurity, low birthweight, neonatal death, and infections in newborns. These adverse outcomes can be prevented with a simple and inexpensive rapid test followed by treatment with benzathine penicillin.

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Syphilis testing in pregnancy

≥95%of antenatal care attendees were tested for syphilis in 26 of 84 countries reporting for 2017

Syphilis in pregnancy

Syphilis in sex workers

≥5%of sex workers are infected with syphilis in 18 of 31 reporting countries for 2017

Sex workers with active syphilis

Sexually transmitted infections

1 millionpregnant women had active syphilis infection in 2016 and were at risk for adverse pregnancy outcomes such as stillbirth and neonatal death due to congenital syphilis

Report on global sexually transmitted infection surveillance 2015