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Violence prevention

Homicide estimates: Globally, interpersonal violence resulted in some 475 000 homicides in 2012 (overall rate of 6.7 per
100 000 population), of which 60% were in males aged 15-44 years, making homicide the third leading cause of death for males in this age group. In addition, of all adults, one in four report having been physically abused as children; one in five women and one in 10 men report having been sexually abused as children; one in three women report having been victims of physical and/or sexual intimate partner violence in their lifetime, and one in 17 older people report being abused in the past month.

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475 000estimated deaths from homicide (82% male) in 2012, globally

Homicide estimates, 2012

Child maltreatment

23%of adults report having been a victim of physical abuse as children

Child maltreatment, 2012–2014

Violence against women

30%of ever partnered women have experienced physical or sexual violence by a partner in their lifetime, globally

Intimate partner violence, 2010
NOTE: 2012–2014 data were collected in 133 countries, representing 88% of the global population, and are detailed in the Global status report on violence prevention, 2014
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