Climate change and human health


Increasing awareness of the linkages between climate and health is fundamental to taking protective actions against climate related health risks.

The WHO secretariat, and through its country and regional offices, supports the development of a range of materials and activities which can raise awareness and build capacity of UN staff, health professionals, multisectoral actors, and the general public to better understand and prevent negative impacts of climate change on health.

WHO produces a range of policy briefings, scientific articles, factsheets, bulletins, and formal training opportunities on climate and health. An e-learning format of the Climate and Health Course and development other learning resources for non-health professionals are planned in 2010. Some of these materials are featured below.

Learning on climate change and human health

Climate change is expected to adversely impact the lives and health of billions of people over the next decades. But do you know how climate change can actually affect human health? And what countries can do to respond to this challenge? Find out about these and other issues through the UN CC: Learn learning interface on climate change and human health.

If you are a newcomer to the area of climate change, start with the UN CC: Learn introductory e-course on climate change (blue box below). If you already know the basics about climate change, explore the issue of climate change and health by clicking on of the advanced learning topics below. You will be guided to the best available resources for each area.

Mainstreaming gender in health adaptation to climate change programmes

This guide is targeted towards programme managers who work in climate change and health adaptation, and provides them with practical information and concrete guidance to mainstream gender throughout all four phases of the project cycle: identification, formulation and design, implementation, and monitoring and evaluation.

Training course for public health professionals on protecting our health from climate change (2009)

WHO-South East Asia Regional Office, in collaboration with global experts have developed a technical course on "climate change and health" for health professionals. This course covers the basics of climate change, its effects on health, and appropriate tools and actions to reduce climate related health risks. This freely available 19 module course, serves as a Training-of-Trainer guide to be facilitated by university qualified professionals in a 4 day intensive course or modified into other formats, such as professional or university curricula.

Heat waves, floods, and health impacts of climate change: training manual for city health officials

This training manual is designed to accompany a workshop for city health officials on the health impacts of climate change. It is based on the book: Climate Change and Human Health: Risks and Responses (Editors: McMichael, Campbell-Lendrum, Corvalan, Ebi, Githeko,Scheraga, Woodward WHO/WMO/UNEP 2003). Manual includes 11 sessions and accompanying worksheets. The goal of this training program is to help city health practioners develop action plans at the city level to address climate change.

Training opportunities

As example training opportunities becoming available in Climate and Health, the institutions listed below offer short courses on a regular basis. Please check each institution's website for more details on upcoming training opportunities.

Infographics on health and climate change

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