Climate change and human health

Training course for public health professionals on protecting our health from climate change

About the course

WHO has developed this training course to improve the knowledge of health professionals on the associations and implications of climate change on human health and to enhance stronger and more efficient participation of the health sector in addressing climate change challenges. The training course is designed for public health professionals who are actively involved in the management and decision-making process related to health programmes. The course will also give a good foundation for non-medical professionals involved in addressing the health challenges posed by climate change.

The Training Course consists of 19 sessions in the format of PowerPoint slides and text notes. A “Participants’ Guide”, a “Facilitators’ Guide”, associated bibliography and key reference documents, copies of two IPCC glossaries, and a list of acronyms used in the course are provided.

Course materials

The participants of the training course will need to refer to the 2007 Fourth Assessment Reports of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). This will allow them to prepare for the course and to provide supplementary information on the topic of climate change science, impacts, and adaptation. Copies of the IPCC 2007 reports:

This version of the course is a final draft to be field tested. Your comments and suggestions will help improve it and develop the final version. Please provide feedback to: with subject title: FEEDBACK Training Course.

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