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WHO’s eHealth resolution adopted in 2005 focuses on strengthening health systems in countries through the use of eHealth; building public-private partnerships in ICT development and deployment for health; supporting capacity building for the application of eHealth in Member States; and the development and adoption of standards. Success in these areas is predicated on a fifth strategic direction: monitoring, documenting and analysing trends and developments in eHealth and publishing the results to promote eHealth uptake. In direct response to the eHealth resolution, the GOe was established to monitor and analyse the evolution of eHealth in countries and to support national planning through the provision of strategic information.

The first objective of the GOe was to undertake a global survey on eHealth to determine a series of benchmarks at national, regional, and global levels in the adoption of the necessary foundation actions to support the growth of eHealth. The aim was to provide governments with data that could be used as benchmarks for their own development as well as a way to compare their own progress with that of other Member States. In 2005 the GOe conducted a survey to compile those data.

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