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Since 2010 the Global Observatory for eHealth (GOe) has been creating and updating an online directory of eHealth-related national policies and strategies from Member States. It includes national eHealth policies or strategies and plans, and national telehealth policies have also been added to broaden the coverage. This resource is designed to support the development of eHealth strategies by governments through easy access to existing policy and strategy documents worldwide. . In addition, it gives an indication of which countries have existing national strategies, and where additional resources might be best allocated to aid in the policy development process.

The directory includes documents that outline the vision, goals, and approaches for the use of ICT for health at a national level. It also includes meta-data about each of these documents, a brief summary of the content, and a link to the full text document in the original language of publication. For those documents not available in English, translations of executive summaries will be provided. This site was last updated in March 2016.

The directory will grow as governments devise new policies or review and build on existing ones. We encourage contributions and suggestions from Member States, and invite countries to add their policy and strategy documents to this resource. These and any comments can be sent to

Note on the source

Documents were located through online searches, reviews of grey and academic literature, individual Member States forwarding copies of their policies, and working with WHO representatives at the regional and national levels to reach out to Ministries of Health and other relevant governing bodies.

Inclusion of a link in the WHO website to an external site does not indicate the site’s endorsement by WHO, nor does WHO accept responsibility for the validity or accuracy of the site’s content.


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