Global Observatory for eHealth

Building Foundations for eHealth: Progress of Member States

ISBN 92 4 159504 3 & ISBN 978 92 4 159504 9
9 April 2007

Building foundations in eHealth

Scenarios which were inconceivable just 10 years ago are now a reality because of eHealth: patients in Africa being treated from a distance, often by a physician in another country or continent, through the use of telehealth; health professionals in Pacific islands upgrading their skills through eLearning without needing to leave their countries; or national networks of electronic health records making available a patient’s entire medical history at any point of health care and supporting appropriate treatment.

Now for the first time we have global baseline data on the current state of eHealth, and a set of recommendations for Member States. This report Building Foundations for eHealth will contribute significantly to the evidence base.

Those recommendations for action broadly encompass three areas: strengthening the baseline policies for provision of information and communication technologies for health; supporting citizen protection, equity of access, and multilingualism; and promoting the growth of eHealth capacity, tools and services.

Executive Summary