Global Observatory for eHealth

Global Observatory for eHealth series - Volume 2

Telemedicine – Opportunities and developments in Member States

ISBN 978 92 4 156414 4
13 January 2011

GOe telemedicines

Telemedicine can bring the eyes of a specialist to examine a critically ill patient from halfway around the globe. It bridges the distance between people and the best health care available and can be applied to a vast range of situations - from home care to specialized clinical settings. This second volume of the Global Observatory for eHealth series examines trends in the uptake of telemedicine, from the well established to newly emerging telemedicine applications. With an emphasis on the needs of developing countries, it looks to the future with an analysis of the strategic actions required to support and strengthen telemedicine in countries. The publication is targeted at telemedicine practitioners and policymakers in health and information technology, as well as health care practitioners interested in adopting telemedicine services.