Growth reference 5-19 years

Growth reference data for 5-19 years

Macro in R

An additional macro is now available to facilitate analysis of nutritional status in children and adolescents 5-19 years using R (see Application tools).

This web site presents growth reference data for children and adolescents, 5-19 years (or 61-228 months).

The WHO Reference 2007 is a reconstruction of the 1977 National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS)/WHO reference. It uses the original NCHS data set supplemented with data from the WHO child growth standards sample for under-fives. To develop this reference the same statistical methodology was used as in the construction of the WHO standards.

This reference complements the WHO child growth standards for 0-60 months published in April 2006 (see link on right column).


The following article describes the sample and methods used to construct this growth reference.


The links below provide access to the reference charts and tables by indicator:

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