Growth reference 5-19 years

Application tools

WHO AnthroPlus software

WHO AnthroPlus is a software for the global application of the WHO Reference 2007 for 5-19 years to monitor the growth of school-age children and adolescents. To show the continuity with the WHO Child Growth Standards for 0-5 years these are included in AnthroPlus for the three indicators that apply. The software opens by default in English but can be changed to run in French, Spanish and Russian. It consists of the following modules:

  • Anthropometric calculator
  • Individual assessment
  • Nutritional survey

Before downloading the software please read the license agreement.

To download the software and manual click on the links below. Please read the manual sections on requirements and installation before installing the software.


Macros in R, SAS, S-Plus, SPSS and STATA are available to analyze growth data for the age group 5-19 years.

Data-entry form

The link below provides the option to download a standard data-entry form to facilitate consistent reporting of growth and nutritional status in school children and adolescents.

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