Humanitarian Health Action

Pledging Conference for the Contingency Fund for Emergencies (CFE)

Date: 26 March 2018, at 14:00-16:00
Place: Geneva, Switzerland

A Pledging Conference for the Contingency Fund for Emergencies (CFE) will take place on Monday 26 March 2018 from 14:00 to 16:00 in the WHO headquarters.

The Contingency Fund for Emergencies (CFE) was established by the World Health Assembly in May 2015 following a review of WHO’s response to the 2014 Ebola outbreak in West Africa. During the early stages of the response to the outbreak, a lack of immediate funding was a contributing factor hampering the ability of WHO to act quickly.

The CFE is financed through voluntary donor contributions outside of WHO’s core budget. The un-earmarked contributions are pooled together, allowing for flexibility in their use. Since the CFE’s inception, 11 Member States have contributed US$ 47.2 million to the fund against an original target of US$100 million for the last biennium.

Since its launch, the CFE has been providing funding during the critical gap between the moment the need for an emergency response is identified and the point at which resources from other financing mechanisms begin to flow. To date, the fund has made more than 60 emergency allocations for a total of $ 46 million in response to disease outbreaks and humanitarian emergencies with health consequences. In 2017, the release of CFE funds was the critical factor that enabled rapid early action to contain an Ebola outbreak in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, a plague outbreak in Madagascar; and an outbreak of the deadly Marburg Virus in a remote area on the Ugandan/Kenyan border.

With the continued draw down of the Fund the CFE has now reached a critically low level.

The CFE Pledging Conference will be co-chaired by Dr Peter Salama, Deputy Director-General for Emergency Preparedness and Response, and Ms jane Ellison, Deputy Director-General for Corporate Operations.