South Sudan

Throughout the civil war and since gaining independence from Sudan in 2011, South Sudan has experienced high levels of violence and unrest. There has been mass displacement, loss of livelihoods and destruction of housing. Human rights abuses, including gender-based violence and the recruitment of children for armed groups, have been rife. The Health Cluster prioritises groups include women, young children, displaced people and people living with HIV/AIDS and TB. Services delivered include sexual violence support, cholera management and nutrition.

The information displayed here is updated in reference to the Health Cluster dashboard, in quarterly periods.

Data as of December 2019

Health Cluster coordination

Magdalene Armah
Health Cluster Coordinator

Health Cluster team and partners

National team: 3
Coordinator: 2 FT
Information management officer: 0
Public health officer: 1 PT
Communications officer: 1 PT
Subnational hubs: 5

Partners: 70
International NGOs: 24
National NGOs: 26
UN agencies: 4
National authorities: 1
Donors: 9
Others: 6

Health Cluster media