Even before the current conflict escalated in mid-March 2015, Yemen faced enormous levels of humanitarian needs stemming from years of poverty, under-development, environmental decline, intermittent conflict, and weak rule of law. Two years of intense conflict, as well as recent famine and cholera, has put millions at risk. The health system is collapsing under conflict, and the violence itself is injuring and killing civilians.

The Health Cluster has identified ten specific areas of intervention, including priority public health concerns such as reproductive health services, immunization, communicable disease management, disease surveillance and trauma care.

The information displayed here is updated in reference to the Health Cluster dashboard, in quarterly periods.

Data as of June 2019

Health Cluster coordination

Dr Jamshed Tanoli
Health Cluster Coordinator

Health Cluster team and partners

National team: 2
Coordinator: 1 FT
Information management officer: 1 PT
Public health officer: 0
Communications officer: 0
Subnational hubs: 5

Partners: 71
International NGOs: 25
National NGOs: 30
UN agencies: 6
National authorities: 3
Donors: 0
Others: 7