Health statistics and information systems

Software tools

WHO has previously used two software tools for burden of disease analysis for regional, national or sub-national populations: DISMOD II and MODMATCH.


DISMOD II is a software tool that may be used to check the consistency of estimates of incidence, prevalence, duration and case fatality for diseases. DISMOD requires estimates of population structure (relative numbers of children, adults and the elderly) as well as background mortality rates. DISMOD II was developed by Jan Barendregt of the Department of Public Health of Erasmus University in the Netherlands. DISMOD II may be downloaded at the link below. If you have problems using DISMOD II, please consult the tutorial and help notes.


MODMATCH was developed in order to address systematic deviations in mortality patterns observed as levels of child and adult mortality deviate from the standard, and was previously used by WHO to produce life tables for areas with poor vital registration. MODMATCH is out-of-date and is no longer used by WHO, however it is provided here for archival purposes. MODMATCH is statistical code which may be run using the Stata statistical software package. It generates modified logit system life tables based on certain inputs such as 5q0, 45q15, and e0. The modified logit model life table system is a 2-parameter system based on the Brass logit model and using a global standard. The system is indexed on l(5) and l(60) rather than alpha and beta as in the original Brass system.