Health statistics and information systems

Reported information on mortality statistics

Results of 2005 survey on mortality data

WHO issues a call for data each year to its Member States. These data are then released on the web to allow researchers to use them. In order to understand how mortality statistics are collected, in 2005, WHO sent a questionnaire to the Member States, asking various questions on their civil registration system, certification and coding practices as well as other relevant information. A total of 84 countries responded to the questionnaire and the results were compiled into three tables.

Before downloading the tables, please note:

  • Some of the tables may contain responses for fewer than 84 countries either because the questions were not applicable or the countries did not provide response.
  • Responses to the questionnaire were translated into English. However some local terms were kept in order to retain the meaning of the original answers. In some countries processing of information, such as coding can be decentralized or death certificates can differ from one province to another, countries can, therefore, have provided more than one answer to some of the questions.