Health systems

Technical meeting to support Ebola affected countries on the recovery and resilience plans with a focus on GAVI, the Global Fund and other partners' funding

Report of a meeting, 9-11 June 2015


Publication details

Number of pages: 133
Publication date: July 2015
Languages: English
WHO reference number: WHO/EVD/HGF/REPORT/15.1



The objectives of the meeting were to agree on coordinated and aligned support to the 3 countries’ national health recovery plans (Guinea, Liberia, Sierra Leone); to identify cross-cutting areas and opportunities for integration; to identify ways to improve implementation modalities; and to identify actions including technical assistance needed to support the countries in the process of building resilient health systems.

The outcomes of the meeting consisted in proposed country action plans to move forward with the implementation of the recovery plans. The action plans includes:priorities and areas of work; activities needed to improve implementation modalities; technical assistance needs.

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