Healthy Environments for Children Alliance

Country Support

An essential element in the work of the Alliance will be country- and community-level support. Alliance stakeholders aim to encourage a groundswell of action through many sectors (including health, environment, education, housing, agriculture, energy, water, local government and social protection sectors).

Pilot Projects

Small grants were made available to support 16 projects in 13 countries covering 5 WHO regions, as identified below. Types of activities underway include: children's environmental health profiles and needs assessments; development of multistakeholder action plans to address children's environmental health issues; awareness-raising and advocacy activities; and small-scale implementation activities in key settings.

  • Bolivia - HECA Pilot Project in the city of Alto
  • Central African Republic - Clean, Green, Healthy School Pilot Project
  • Djibouti - Environmental Health Pilot in Rural Areas
  • India (HRDAY-SHAN) - Manual for Trainers and School Diaries to Enhance Awareness of Environmental Threats among Youth
  • Kenya (CARE) - The Nyanza Healthy Water Project
  • Nepal - Awareness Program on Air Pollution Hazards on Children's Health in the Kathmandu Valley
  • Pakistan - Creating Healthy and Safe School Environments for Children
  • Rwanda - Support for Implementation of the School Hygiene and Sanitation Programme
  • Samoa - Support for Healthy Environments for Children Activities
  • Uganda (Ministry of Health) - Awareness-raising and Advocacy for Sanitation Improvement in Kibanda Sub-district, Masindi District
  • Uganda (WEDA) - Support to Children's Environmental Health Programme in Teso, Uganda
  • Yemen - Creating Healthy and Safe School Environments for Children

Results from these projects will be used increase the knowledge base of policies and action strategies that work to reduce environmental risks to children's health in settings, as well as establish the basis for replication and scaling up in communities and countries committed to healthy environments for children. HEC stakeholders are invited to provide feedback on these projects, become involved in these initiatives and replicate in other communities.


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HECA was inaugurated at the World Summit on Sustainable Development. More information.

World Health Day

"Shape the Future of Life: Healthy Environments for Children" was the theme of World Health Day 2003.