WHO announces 2019 update for guidelines on HIV testing services

GDG biography, updated 18 June

18 June 2019 – WHO has released new details regarding membership of the Guidelines Development Group (GDG) for the 2019 “Consolidated guidelines on HIV testing services”.

The meeting of the GDG will be held on 5–7 August 2019 and will focus on reviewing the latest evidence on HIV testing services. The purpose of the meeting is to review the evidence, then provide recommendations and guidance on:

  • optimizing newer service delivery approaches including HIV self-testing, partner services and social network-based testing models;
  • demand creation and mobilization strategies to increase uptake of HIV testing services and linkage to post HIV testing services; and
  • increasing efficiency of HIV diagnosis through simplified testing strategies and algorithms.

In line with the WHO policy on conflict of interest, members of the public and interested organizations can access the biographies of the proposed GDG members, and inform WHO of their views about them. All comments should be sent by email to by 2 July 2019.