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Global Learning Opportunities for Vaccine Quality (GLO/VQ)

Global Mid level Management modules (MLM)

This new series of modules on immunization training for Mid-level Managers (MLM) replaces the last version which was published in 1991.

There have been many changes in the world of immunization since then, so these modules are an attempt to provide the immunization manager with up to date technical knowledge, explain how to recognize management and technical problems and take corrective action, and how to make the best use of resources. Each MLM module is organized around a series of steps in which technical information is followed by learning activities.

Immunization in Practice - A practical guide for health staff

MS Word versions of the IIP, both in English and French, can be requested for translation purposes by emailing

Vaccination pratique - Guide à l'usage des personnels de santé

Reaching Every District (RED) Strategy

Reaching Every District (RED) - A guide to increasing coverage and equity in all communities in the African Region

Microplanning for immunization service delivery using the Reaching Every District (RED) strategy.

AFRO Mid level management modules (MLM)

The following link contains a series of modules (in English and French) developed by the WHO Regional Office for Africa (AFRO) to train national and provincial staff. The modules have been used in several intercountry and in country training courses.

To build capacity in managing pain during vaccination and in engaging in difficult conversations with hesitant caregivers, two specific and adaptable trainings are available:

New vaccines training videos created in collaboration with NESI