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Immunization Planning and Financing

Multi-year planning is a key management tool for national immunization programmes. To support countries in the development of their immunization plans, WHO and UNICEF have published guidelines on developing a comprehensive multi-year plan (cMYP) for immunization. These step-by-step guidelines include a costing and financing tool that will help countries to assess current and future programme costs. As managers complete each step in the process, they should ensure that the plan meets national and global goals, responds to national policies and priorities, and generates estimates of resource requirements.

The implementation of a cMYP is an ongoing process that adjusts to changing conditions, generates budget needs based on empirical data, and provides up-to-date information for programme management, advocacy and reporting purposes.

About this site

This site provides information on immunization planning and financing in low-income and lower-middle-income countries. It contains the following sections:

  • Guidance and tools
    Guidelines and planning tools for immunization, including how to develop a multi-year plan with costing and financing components.

  • Immunization financing indicators
    Detailed analyses and interactive maps providing data and indicators on country-level expenditure and financial flows for immunization, collected through the WHO and UNICEF Joint Reporting Form mechanism.

  • cMYP country information
    Country-focused summaries of key data and indicators of interest on immunization planning and financing, based on national cMYP information.

  • Immunization financing analyses
    Learning more about immunization financing options, access to relevant resources, and various analyses on immunization financing that have been produced based on the information contained in the immunization financing databases (IFDB).

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