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Establishing and strengthening immunization in the second year of life (2YL)

As part a life-course approach to immunization, the importance of strengthening platforms for administering vaccines and other health interventions in the second year of life (2YL) is well-recognized. An increasing number of vaccine doses are recommended to be given after one year of age, and most infant vaccination can be caught up in the 2YL (if missed earlier). A strong platform in the 2YL is the first important step in extending immunization beyond infancy and encouraging the continuity of routine vaccination into preschool, school, adolescent and adult populations.

In response to a recognized need for more practical guidance on establishing and strengthening immunization in the 2YL and beyond, WHO and UNICEF have developed guidance material to:

  • assist countries in making informed decisions about establishing or strengthening a visit or visits in the 2YL that includes vaccination and other services as part of a continuum of care for children

  • provide practical guidance on planning, managing, implementing, and monitoring vaccination services and improving immunization coverage during a scheduled visit in the 2YL

  • provide broad guidance on catch up vaccination for children older than one year, who are delayed or missing vaccine doses.

Why we need to strengthen 2YL platforms

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