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Global Learning Opportunities for Vaccine Quality (GLO/VQ) (formerly known as GTN/VQ) is a participatory component of WHO support for National Regulatory Authorities (NRA) in their work to ensure the safety of vaccines at national level. The overall objective of GLO/VQ is to strengthen, expand and maintain vaccine quality related practices within NRA in developing and middle income countries.

Today, progress towards achieving the mission of enhancing practices related to vaccine quality around the world is supported by GLO/VQ through the course development initiatives dedicated to enhancing the professional knowledge and skills of NRA staff and other professionals through a series of innovative learning opportunities. GLO/VQ learning specialists provide support to learners to develop "situated" (as opposed to inert) knowledge, skills, and attitudes through modeling, hands-on activities and extensive practice with substantive feedback. The concept of knowledge being situated comes from contemporary conceptions of cognition and learning that indicate that meaningful learning only occurs when it is embedded in the social and physical context within which it will be used. In addition to formal courses, learning opportunities continue through the establishment of learning communities focused on specific professional practices. Also, GLO/VQ is investing in e-learning opportunities for the future.

With a new focus on learning, we, as members of GLO/VQ, can better think of ourselves as "learning professionals", a perspective that allows us to recognize that we are learners too. We now see ourselves as learners who help other learners learn. A "learning" orientation puts the emphasis on the learner - it is what learners do when presented with new information in the context of real world problems or tasks that is paramount. The responsibility is on the individual to be an active participant in the learning process. Learning focuses on what learners have to do with the facilitator’s help. (read more)

The Network provides National Regulatory Authorities (NRA), National Control Laboratories (NCL) and vaccine producers who meet the minimum criteria, training in the following courses:

The Global Learning Opportunities activities in vaccine quality are coordinated with clear objectives, and the curricula are defined by needs and standardized with all training materials approved by experts. Applicants must meet specific requirements of the course. They should be from countries which produce or procure vaccines and their institution must have a training plan.

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