Infection prevention and control

Implementation tools and resources

To succeed in IPC and bring about safer, high quality health care practices, implementation at the point of care is critical. Conceiving and testing field implementation and behavioural change strategies and tools is a key part of WHO’s Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) Global Unit. The team has a very respectable track record in undertaking such work, facilitating adaptation and supporting others to adopt best IPC practices, for example in hand hygiene improvement, across a wide range of health care settings in many countries. Looking to the future, development and maintenance of implementation plans to translate recommendations into practice must be a key focus for everyone. IPC tools and resources made available by WHO are associated with a multimodal implementation approach that integrates IPC best practices within an improved safety and organizational culture. This approach has been shown to succeed in making the change that people want to see in health care.

Hand hygiene

Injection safety

Surgical site infections

Core components for IPC

Focus on AMR

Other interventions