Into the history of influenza control...

GISRS: Backbone of global influenza surveillance

18 May 2017 - In 1952, the WHO Executive Board decided that an influenza surveillance system was needed for the “collection, correlation, and distribution of information regarding occurrence, epidemiology and laboratory findings.” The Global Influenza Surveillance and Response System (GISRS) was born.

GISRS has grown to 143 institutions in 113 Member States. GISRS is a unique, long-lasting, global disease surveillance network built on voluntary collaboration and real-time reporting.

5th oldest global disease control programme

18 May 2017 - In 1947, WHO’s Interim Committee recognized the importance of Influenza and started a globally-coordinated effort for its surveillance, study and control. This led to the beginning of the Global Influenza Programme (GIP) and the Global Influenza Surveillance and Response System (GISRS). Substantial progress has been made in the 70 years building on collaborative platforms and global solidarity. Learn more about the last 70 years and our future milestones.

FluNet - a global platform for reporting and analysis

18 May 2017 - FluNet is the global reporting and analysis platform of the WHO Global Influenza Surveillance and Response System (GISRS). Since its launch in 1997, this internet platform allows National Influenza Centres around the world to share laboratory surveillance data with each other and with WHO on a weekly basis. The data are remotely reported to FluNet or to a WHO regional database from which data are then uploaded into FluNet. The FluNet data are crucial for timely monitoring of global influenza virus activity and to interpret the epidemiology. Visual analyses and data downloads of virological and epidemiological influenza data, as well as fortnightly global influenza activity summaries are available to the public on the WHO website.

Publication & event on 65 year past of GISRS

From around the world, see what National Influenza Centres, WHO Collaborating Centres, Essential Regulatory Laboratories and H5 Reference Laboratories have to say about GISRS. Click on the postcards on the map below. The map will be updated throughout the year to highlight different institutions.

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We created a 'word cloud' from all the wonderful ideas shared by GISRS institutions about their vision for the network in the coming years. Here's to that future!

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